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I grew up working with Gundogs from a very young age in Zimbabwe where we were very fortunate to have huge numbers of game birds. My Dad owned a Vienerama for years so it all began there. When I immigrated from Zimbabwe to SA I signed up to do my apprenticeship as a Diesel Fitter and qualified by the age of 20 years old. My passion for conservation and the wilderness was deeply ingrained so from 23 years old I qualified as Professional Guide and have Guided ever since. All and all 23 years.

Some years back I lived in the Natal Midlands and at that time owned several Gundogs but found it very frustrating to find quality and natural areas that had good numbers of game birds. I used to breed English Pheasant and used them in place of wild birds to train my dogs but this is costly and not ideal.

Fortunately I now live in one of the most diverse game bird environments in Kwa Zulu Natal. I pride myself in being able to offer this very unique facility and experience to fellow Gundog Owners. My facility is designed to accommodate South Africans and offer them a means to work their Gundogs In a natural wild bird environment. This facility is unique to Gundog Owners only, Owners will have the opportunity to work their dogs in the field and with my various training programs embrace the passion for to sport and experience your gundogs full potential.

My programs are different to other training facilities in the way that you as the Owner are directly involved with training your dog along with my guidance and assistance. One of the main benefits working this way will ensure that your dog bonds with YOU and your position as the Pack Leader becomes stronger.

Programs I offer range from basic obedience training to a little more advanced for dogs that may be exposed to the use of homing pigeons in order to see their reaction and introduce the Whoa command plus steady to Wing when the bird flushes. The more advanced options are for older more experienced dogs that may be exposed to wild birds and where the Owner may have the opportunity to shoot Wild Birds over his Pointer/Retriever.

Unfortunately one cant gain results from your Dogs over night so plan well in advance and prepare to book for at least 2 full days.
Remember what you put in is what you get out…..


Probably the best known HPR breed is the German shorthaired pointer which was “custom designed” from the Spanish pointer, the English pointer, the foxhound and the Hanovarian schweisshund – basically a mix of two true pointers and two tracking hounds. The GSP is a smooth coated dog in a variable mix of liver, black and white or in solid liver or black. They can be excellent pets as well as hard working dogs and are extensively used for falconry as well as shooting sports.


When it comes to training any of the HPR breeds it has to be remembered that their genetic makeup tends to favour an inborn aptitude for the hunting skills (because of the prominence of hound breeds in their origins) rather than pointing or retrieving. You can be lucky and get a dog that will point naturally and retrieve without much work on the owners part but, in general terms, the new owner of an HPR should be prepared to spend some time training it to point and, especially, to retrieve. When the job is completed, he will have a dog to be proud of, and which will be a great shooting companion for many a year.