We hunt 988 000 acres in pristine wilderness in the Niassa province – Northern Mozambique. The area is situated north of Marrupa and south of Block C – Niassa Reserve, flanked on the left by the Ruambeze and on the west by Lureco rivers. The hunting season starts in June and ends in November – personally I prefer the months toward the end of the season. (September / October / November).

This is the 2nd season that we have been hunting in Mozambique and I cannot believe or it will be hard to imagine an area with a higher population of Leopard, Roosevelt Sable, Buffalo and Livingstone Eland than this specific block. In general, exceptional trophy quality goes hand in hand with high populations of game.

Testimonial of Todd Lutman – Professional Hunter and Outfitter

“During my 28 years I have hunted and guided in several different African Countries. Between 2006 and 2010 I obtained the Concession rights to hunt the “Camp fire” Sengwe Safari area in Zimbabwe along the Limpopo river. One of the toughest but most rewarding Safari areas I have hunted, we averaged 60 pound Elephant and 42 inch Buffalo plus a number of Kudu over 60 inches!

Recently I was hired to film a Big Game Safari for Graham Sales on the border of the Niassa Reserve in Mozambique. I was completely blown away by the numbers and quality of game on the Concession. Without a doubt the best Big Game Concession I have ever hunted. Encounters with bachelor herds of “Dugga” boys, massive Eland and herds of Roosevelt Sable around every corner. While scouting the concession was exhilarating and a true reflection that Wild Africa still exists. Finding it very frustrating but there are no words to describe this true wilderness safari concession. With my 28 years and Graham’s 15 years in Safaris Business there is no doubt that Graham Sales Safaris’ Mozambique concession is one of Southern Africa’s very best.

During my time I had Sengwe Safari Concession I was extremely proud to introduce my Clients to the local people and share what I believed at that time was a true African Safari. Since my visit to Mozambique and after completing a 3 week Safari in the Niassa Province I would like to invite you on behalf of Graham Sales Safaris to join us and share our passion for this highly productive 800 000 acre Safari area.. blood, sweat, adrenaline and unbeatable trophy quality…………………”  Todd Lutman