South Africa Trophy Hunting & Fees

Emphasis is placed on fair chase ethical hunting. Except for a number of selected species, hunting is not conducted on high fenced game ranches. It is very important that we are informed at the time of booking as to the priority species selection and the primary objectives of your safari. This will enable us to allocate the appropriate area to you and to ensure that the required tags are reserved for you from our set quota.

Certain species are restricted to a minimum safari duration – these days have to be booked and paid for, irrespective of whether the animal is bagged or not. Lion and Leopard require 14 days, Buffalo or Rhino require 10 days, Elephant 16 days, and Sable 10 days. The minimum booking for plains game is 7 days. For safaris that are booked for 10 days or less, only one area will be hunted, while safaris longer than 10 days will enable two areas to be hunted. Certain species are restricted to specific areas and trophy quality can be superior in one area as opposed to the other therefore prior planning is important.

AnimalPrice AnimalPrice
African ElephantP.O.R. Nyala$ 1 800
LionP.O.R. Bontebok$ 1 500
HippopotamusP.O.R. Common Reedbuck$ 650
Cape BuffaloP.O.R. Vaal Rhebok$ 1 500
SableP.O.R. Typical Springbok$ 400
Livingstone Eland$ 2 400 Black Springbok$ 850
Eastern Cape Kudu$ 1 450 Limpopo Bushbuck$ 950
Southern Great Kudu$ 1 800 Ostrich$ 500
Gemsbok$ 1 800 Warthog$ 350
Blue Wildebeest$ 750 Steenbok$ 450
Red Hartebeest$ 800 Southern Bush Duiker$ 250
Tsessebe$ 2 700 Blue Duiker$ 1 000
Blesbok$ 300 Cape Grysbok$ 750
Lechwe$ 3 500 Hyena$ 3 500
Mountain Reedbuck$ 450 Jackal$ 100
Southern Impala$ 300 Bushpig$ 250
White Springbok$ 800 Oribi$ 1 800
Cape Bushbuck$ 700 Klipspringer$ 650
Cape Eland$ 1 800 Red Duiker$ 1 600
Giraffe$ 1 500 Livingstone Suni$ 1 500
Common Waterbuck$ 1 800 Sharpes Grysbok$ 750
Black Wildebeest$ 800 White Blesbok$ 800
Burchells Zebra$ 800 Lynx$ 1 000
Baboon$ 100


We at Safari Bound are committed to provide you with an unforgettable African Wildlife Experience. Our Professional Hunters are dedicated, experienced and ethical sportsmen, and will endeavour to ensure that you can look back at your safari, and the manner in which each trophy was taken, with utmost pride. We will also strive to ensure that you “bag” record book trophies and our skinners have the ability to prepare and treat all trophies with the utmost care and attention.

We further will endeavour to select mature, but top quality trophy specimens for you, which will be hunted in fair chase. To do this, you will be required to walk fair distances at times, and, may have to endure heat, cold and thirst, however, a good, clean shot is the ultimate experience for the avid sportsman, and is considered as the ultimate prize.

Hunting plays a major role in our conservation efforts in Africa and South Africa.
The mature animals we select as trophies, and the professional, ethical manner in which we at Safari Bound conduct our safari’s and hunts, ensures that our image as Professional Hunters is regarded as one of the finest in Southern Africa, but the emphasis, for any hunter or hunt, is placed on the “thrill of the chase”.

Memories of the sights, sounds, smell, touch and taste of Africa,
will REMAIN with you until you return to Africa again.


  • Full time services of a Professional Hunter accompanied by complete back up staff which include: skinners, trackers and camp staff.
  • Full accommodation including all meals, soft drinks, linen and daily laundry services.
  • All transport during safari.
  • Field preparation of Trophies.


  • Transport to and from nearest Commercial Airport, charged at $150.00 per person.
  • Accommodation prior to commencement of safari, and after conclusion of safari.
  • Trophy fees.
  • Chartered flights, and any other flights to and from hunting areas.
  • Hire of firearm/s and ammunition.
  • Preparation, packaging and transportation of Trophies to local or overseas destinations.
  • Gratuities.
  • Upon arrival at camp, considered as “Arrival day”, a standard fee of $100.00 is charged per person, which is NOT included in your daily rate quote of the actual safari.
  • Alcohol.


  • A deposit of 50% of the total daily rates for the duration of the safari is required in order to confirm and secure reservation of safari.
  • The balance due, is payable 90 days prior to the commencement date of the safari.
  • Trophy fees are payable on all animals killed, wounded and/or lost, prior to conclusion of safari.
  • Deposits are non-refundable, however, by negotiation, can be carried over to the following season.
  • All additional payments accrued whilst on safari are to be paid in cash only, US Dollars or local currency as may be stipulated by safari Operator. No traveller’s cheques will be accepted.
  • Valued Added Tax of 14% is payable on any animals, wounded, killed and/or lost, even if animal is not exported. This applies exclusively to South Africa.
  • Every reasonable precaution is taken by the safari operators to ensure the safety and good health of all clients, however, NO LIABILITY or responsibility will be accepted for injury, loss or illness, either before, during or after the safari.
  • We can recommend both reliable taxidermists and/or shipping agents, upon request or you can select to use your own, however, Safari Bound will not be held responsible for any loss or damage that may occur prior to, during or after packing, shipping, tanning and mounting.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.